Each sub-committee has a contact person(s) that can be reached with any questions or concerns. Each contact person has a phone number next to their name in the list below.

Apple Harvest Advisory Committee

7 Members, 2 Year Terms

Robert Ives
Tom Lombardi
Christopher Palmieri
Barbara Roberts
Mark Sciota, Town Manager or designee
Gerry Triano
Annette Turnquist
Chief Richard Butler or SFD designee (Ex-officio)
Chief Jack Daly or SPD designee (Ex-officio)

Committee of the Chairs

Victoria Triano
Timothy Connellan
Robert Hammersley
Terri Carmody
John Leary
Mark Sciota

Economic Strike Committee

Michael Del Santo, Chair
Michael Riccio, Vice Chair
Tony Morrison
Christopher Palmieri
Robert Hammersley
Louis Perillo
Mark Sciota
Rob Phillips

Emergency Medical Services Committee

10 Members, 2 Year Terms

Shane Lockwood, Director of Health (860) 276-6275
Dr. Eric Hobert, HOCC-Bradley Campus
James Morelli, Town Council
Valerie DePaolo, Town Council
William DellaVecchia, Citizen
Fire Chief or designee
Police Chief or designee
Amr Reps, (2) Ex-officio
Mark Sciota, Town Manager or designee

Open Space Acquisition Committee

10 Members, 2 Year Terms

David Lavallee, Assistant Town Planner (Secretary, ExOfficio) (860) 276-6203
Rob Philips, Ex-officio
Paul Chaplinsky, Chr. (Town Council)
James Morelli, V. Chr. (Town Council)
Michael Riccio
Robert Berkmoes, (Water Board)
Robert Salka, (Planning & Zoning Commission)
Edward Pocock, Jr., (Board of Finance)
Christopher Palmieri, (Town Council)
Chris Borowy, Conservation Commission
Joseph Baczewski, BOE
Mark Sciota, Town Manager

Ordinance Review Committee

William Dziedzic, Chr.
Anthony D'Angelo
Jeffrey Gworek
Susan Locks
Zaya Oshana
Christopher Palmieri
Victoria Triano
David Falvo
William Weber
Dep, Chief William Palmier, ExOfficio
Town Attorney, ExOfficio

Public Works Committee

7 Members, 2 Year Terms

Michael Del Santo, Chairmen, Town Council
Paul Chaplinsky, V. Chairman, Town Council
Edward Pocock, Jr., Board of Finance
Susan Zoni, Board of Finance
Christopher Poulos, Town Council
Jack Daly, Police Chief
William Cassarella, Water Dept. Rep.
Keith Hayden, Public Works (Ex-Officio)
Annette Turnquist, Highway (Ex-Officio)

SEED Committee (Southington Enterprise & Economic Development)

13 Members, 4 Year Terms

Louis Perillo, Economic Development Director (860) 276-6297
Juanita Champagne
Stefanie Farkas, Housing Authority
Mark Sciota, Town Manager
Edward S. Pocock, III
David Zoni, Business Community
Jack Daly, Police Chief
Terri C. Carmody, Board of Education
Michael Riccio, Business Rep.
Lucille Cusano
Dana Rickard
Thomas O'Shea, Resident Rep.
James D. Garstang, Business Community

Self Insurance Committee

9 Members, 2 Year Terms

Joseph Labieniec, Board of Finance (Chairman) Christopher Poulos, V. Chr., Town Council Zaya Oshana, Board of Education James Chrzanowski, Board of Education Colleen Clark, Board of Education Tom Lombardi, Town Council
William Dziedzic, Town Council
Kevin Beaudoin, Board of Finance
Salvatore J. Dominello, Consultant
Joe Spurgeon (ExOfficio)
Sherri Dinello, BOE Director of Business & Finance (ExOfficio)
Emilia Portelinha, Finance Director (ExOfficio)

Sewer Committee

6 Members, 2 Year Terms

William Dziedzic, Chairman
Valerie A. DePaolo, V. Chairman
Erika Pocock, Water Dept. Rep.
Tony Morrison, Board of Finance
David Zoni
Keith Hayden, Town Engineer
Peter Stallings, (Ex-officio)
Jim Grappone, Assistant Town Engineer (Ex-officio)

Veterans Committee

John DeMello, Sr.
Rachel Wache
Joe DellaPorta
Peter L. Longo
Alex J. Ricciardone
Mark Sciota, Town Manager