Flag Etiquette

Photo Courtesy of Gene Cooney, Photo Courtesy of Ed Malczyk

The universal custom is to display the U.S. flag from sunrise to sunset on buildings and stationary flagstaffs in the open, but when a patriotic effect is desired the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. Also, the U.S. flag should not be displayed when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is displayed.
  • The flag should be displayed at half-staff when so ordered by the president or the governor. The governor customarily orders the U.S. and state flags to half-staff whenever a Connecticut service member, police officer or firefighter is killed in the line of duty.
  • Never use the flag for decoration. Use bunting with the blue on top, then white, then red.
  • Do not let the flag touch the ground.
  • Do not fly the flag upside down unless there is an emergency.
  • Do not carry the flag flat, or carry things in it, or use it as a cover.
  • Do not use the flag as clothing.
  • Do not store the flag where it can get dirty.
  • Do not fasten it or tie it back. Always allow it to fall free.
  • Do not draw on or otherwise mark the flag.

Flag etiquette originally published in the Record-Journal on May 26, 2007.