How to Apply for a Marriage License

In the State of Connecticut, marriage licenses may be issued by the Town Clerk's Office only in the town where the ceremony will be performed. Once issued, the license is good for 65 days. There is no waiting period between applying for and receiving your license. We advise couples to apply for their license about two weeks before the ceremony.

The fee for the license is $30.00. We also suggest you prepay for a certified copy of the license at the same time for an additional $20.00. Total cost for the license and certified copy is $50.00.

TIP: You will be asked questions regarding your immediate family. You will need to know where your mother and father were born (US state or foreign country only), and your mother's maiden name.

Marriage Forms

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(NOTE: Couple must appear in person with proper identification & complete an application before a license will be issued. Certified copies will not be issued until a request form has also been received.)